THIS PLACE IS AWESOME. Grateful Deli screams excellent service and scrumptious foods. Everything in the place looks very appealing to the eye, but most important, it taste as good as it looks. Every time I go there, the food is fresh and the portions are filling. I've had their chili, soups, sandwiches, homemade cold salads, garden salads and desserts; and I'm here to tell you that no place in the city offers what Grateful Deli does. The Friday and Saturday dinner specials are to die for!!!! Ribs, Curry Chicken, Turkey Wings, Crab Cakes, Chicken Chesapeake and more!!!! I order for my office all the time and we can't wait to find out what the weekly dinner specials are so we can put in our order. I can't say enough about this place .....

Check it out. Great Chili The Grateful Deli is worth a try. It's a small, very clean room with a counter. No seating. The chicken sandwich on CoCo bread is amazing. The chicken was fresh, cooked perfectly, and bursting with flavor. The chili is remarkable. Whether or not you like chili, you need to order it. It's so delicious I can't describe it. The Grateful Deli is the best place for miles.

"The simple yet delightful flavors at Grateful Deli are worth every penny." ---

"A great atmosphere and excellent service makes Grateful Deli one of the best in the area."---

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