Youth Program
The essence of Grateful Deli is to train and mentor youth both in the deli and catering business, allowing for them to gain culinary arts and employment experience to create a viable future.  The youth also have access to develop their soft skills, people skills, educational skills, interviewing skills, time management and problem solving skills which cultivate their self-esteem; ultimately fostering their character to becoming productive human beings moving into contributing roles in society.
Committed to the Success of our Youth
A.  Outcomes of Food Service Training
Grateful Deli’s staff trains youth in the deli on a day to day basis providing them with practical experience in food service which transfers over into the catering business. Some of the training provided to our youth through group and one-on one sessions are as follows:
  • Etiquette training
  • Food Handling training
  • Food Preparation training 
  • Food Safety and Standards training 
  • Cooking techniques 
  • Sanitation training 
  • Loading and transporting food 
  • Loading and securing equipment 
  • Set-up and breakdown of equipment 
  • Handling equipment 
  • Customer service 
  • Critique performance 
B.  Outcomes of Catering Events
Grateful Deli utilizes youth for all of our catering events, hence expanding on their food service skills provided through the deli.  This forum is used to develop the youth’s social and service skills.  We also use this forum to conduct formal debriefing and evaluation during which youth and staff will identify the strengths, weaknesses and improvements that could be made in both the food and service aspects of the business; as feedback is most imperative for continued growth.  The catering events also exposed our youth to a variety of cultures and venues that otherwise, they would not likely experience due to their surroundings and circumstances; as a result, the venues inspire youth to work diligently at acquiring their dreams and gives them hope that their dreams are achievable.
Additionally …..
  • Youth will gain professionalism and soft skills that can transfer to future employment;
  • Youth will be prepared to conduct a job search;
  • Youth will be positioned and inspired to pursue higher/continuing education in food service;
  • Youth will develop money management skills and take steps toward financial independence; and
  • Grateful Deli will increase visibility, recognition and financial support to continue to train more youths.
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Supporting the Future Generations Now
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